Call Me

Call Me (Prod. by Hetisani and Nk vortex)

Nk vortex ft Hetisani

Call Me (2019)


Call Me

Ohhh nana it's Nk vortex babe
(This is your boy hetisani Ohhh yea)

Verse 1 (Hetisani)

She said she lonely
She said she need me
She said she can't copy without me
And isay I will call you girl
Even when I am far away
Even iam busy Ohhh girl
I will call you I will call you
I won't mind to call anytime
Ohhh girl


You will never get lonely
It's my duty to cheer you u
You will never get lonely
Call me girl when you need me babe

Verse 2 (Nk vortex)
Do you wanna fly hold my hand let's gooo
Do you wanna cry call me girl will whipe your tears
Iam your soldier I will fight you
I am your king I will crown you queen
(Meh ni protector wena hey
Nihanyela kuhlayisa wena hey)x2
Uta tendera himani loko kungari mina nkatangaaa


Verse 3 (Hetisani)

I ain't gonna lie Ohhh girl
I won't give you cold shoulder
I won't say I will then boom
No ring ring ring Ohhh girl
Ohhh my words are so strong
Ur my pucu pucu ee
You are the Queen of my jungle eee
I will call you I will call you
No other queen in my jungle
No other woman can win your territory


Ohhh yea na na naaa,babe booo
(Na na naaa aaaa lalalaaa my babe Ohhh Ohhh
You are my mama maaa)

Verse 4-(Hetisani n Nk vortex)

When you call me my heart feels so good
When you text me and you say you love me
I smile alone

Bridge-(Nk vortex)
Bless me with your love I receive girl
An you being lonely it's a turn off hey
Igo sing for u
Voice yamina utayi enjoyeeeeer ey
Voice ya mina utayi enjoyeeeeer ey

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