Newtown Knife Gang

Despite the odd quieter song, such as ‘Listen’ or ‘To Be Honest’, the album is about as calm as a bomb, ready to explode with detonators like ‘Catacombs’, ‘Lotus Eater’ and ‘Sleeper’, skilfully dispersed amongst other quality tracks like ‘Words’, ‘The Shape of Things’, ‘Read Between the Lines’, and ‘Taste Goodbye’ (which features the guest vocals of Prime Circle’s Ross Learmonth).

Overall, Newtown Knife Gang leaves a lasting impression and shows that this band is the real deal. Let’s just hope Spencer Martin (vocalist) doesn’t decide to leave the band to go and play with other zoo animals, such as zebras and giraffes.


# Title Length
1 Words 3:06
2 Listen 3:01
3 The Shape of Things 4:09
4 Taste Goodbye 4:09
5 Catacombs 4:07
6 To Be Honest 4:03
7 Read Between the Lies 3:41
8 Chernobyl 3:41
9 Lotus Eater 4:53
10 Room 413 (This Could Be the End) 3:48
11 Sleeper 4:33