Now or Never (Reloaded Remix)

Now or Never (Reloaded Remix) (Prod. by DJ Switch, o71 Nelly the Master Beat )

Bxby Neo ft Majestic Black, Cyrus Mason, Fletcher


{Intro} : Cyrus Mason
Man, what happened to Rap?
Man,what happened to Rap?

{Verse 1} : Neo Motlatla
Most of this Rappers are fugazis, oh
They hide behind the beat
Tuning their vocals, living in dreamlands, oh
Cut me some slack
Hold up and let's reverse
And take you niggas back
I cuss a lot, you brag a lot
You know we never gon' get along
Find it disturbing when I do my thing?
You'll get used to it
And now the whole game shitting on you like a public toilet
You gotta feel my presence
I'm gon'be here for eons, note that I'll bе saucin' it until Fifa U-turn to South Africa
I'm bars are so heavy and bigger than thе late Titanic
My speedy elevating like I reacted with the enzymes
Giving them June-July in the middle of Summer and I don't break a sweat
They ask me who's running the game?
It's me and that's who and I'll do it until I die

{Hook} : Shane Eagle
Man, what happened to Rap?
Man, what happened to Rap?
Said, said, what happened to Rap?
Hip Hop used to drop bars and now it's just Dab

It's Now or Never
It's time to change the game

{Verse 2} : Majestic Black
Oh, please pay attention