Ever listened to a song that you don’t relate to but you feel singing out the lyrics like it’s a tale about your life or it’s just familiar?
That is exactly what Nathi’s Buyelekhaya’s debut album has done. His ability to speak to different people from different walks of life proves how he has beautiful song-writing with longevity.
Every song in the album is a hit.
Hailing form the Eastern Cape, he has outdone most artists so far. His debut album gets you singing along to every song. His song Buyelekhaya, laments about the reality of most households, most children were raised by mothers after fathers had left to Gauteng to look for jobs, and then we have love songs, Nomvula and Imibuzo.
Basically, no one would regret buying an album because every song has a different meaning and it’s a hit, if you are not lamenting about daddy leaving, then there are others you could sing along to, Noba Ngumama – singing about the jealousy of the society. Very close to home.
A story of a young man with a raw talent and bright future in the industry.


# Title Length
1 Nomvula 4:37
2 Imibuzo 4:04
3 Noba Ngumama 4:30
4 Nomakanjani 5:37
5 Liziwe 3:59
6 Ndenzenjani 4:47
7 Buyele'khaya 4:27
8 Ezweni 3:55
9 Intliziyo 4:46
10 Imizamo Yam 4:02