Let Me In

Hands in the air if you've been broke
Hands in the air if you still broke
If I die
I pray to God
He bring me back to kill shows
To kill shows
There's still hope

Get up on my ladder, I
Spend a night on a satellite
No I ain't coming back tonight (x2)
They made millions off this rap shit
You can't tell me that's magic
Rabbit-out-the-hat trick, that shit
I guess I gotta go practice right
Make a sacrifice for the flashing lights

[Verse 1]
I've always had a thing for a girl with a little bit of attitude
As long as she can walk the walk
As long as she can bark the bark
She can say a lot if she knows where to park the car
I know a lot like a valet dude
Stay on my toes like a ballet move
I graduated from the streets my nigga
Even though that ain't school
I learned how these moves made men and this young made man made moves
I made it clear
My kind of common sense is rare
I kind of sense my opposite got in common, fear
So watch & stare
You mights see Pac appear
They told me “think out”
I live out, the box
You square
I had a dream that my momma wrote back
She told me stay onto you rap
Keep a hard head
Break bricks at the Mario trap
And now I'm in the corner dealing with dealing this audio-crack
I'm still mad at Jesus to this day
He put mom in that taxi
That seat
Bullet to the dome
Glass pieces to the face
I don't know my mom & I'm fiending for her face
Yall fiending for a Tape?
Yall fiending for the price city?
Rapsun Blacksun
Yall fiending for a taste?
Man, yall seeking for a trace?
I'm a billion to 17 feet above this place


[Verse 2]
I've always had a thing for a girl with a little bit of altitude
As long as she don't choke at ease
And if she falls onto her knees
I hope she holds onto a tree and smokes all the leaves
I know you're listening
And if I ever go missing and disappear
Follow my footprints in the air
When you start getting lost in the fog
Just call, I'm there
Bring a missile and a chair
The stories I tell when I make yall songs
I make yall yell when I take yall' souls
Young black angel, with a black halo
A place called hell is a place called home
Cause I never had it easy
Nothing but a heavy-letter-sequence
Go against what every pastor preaching
Dreams 'fore I barely had the eat 'fore I sleep and
Goals 'fore I barely pass the defense
Your bullshit is irrelevant
I'm a G, not the element, separate, I'm a veteran.
You're kinda Shady like Eminem
I'm on key like piano man
Fucking bitches I've never met
Been rapping since Elementary School
Started smoking heavily
Then you resented me
Its cool though
I just hope you're proud of me
If you can see my footprints when the moon hits
Shawty you can follow me
I bet if Cassper said this, yall would hit twitter & go wild
If AKA said it, you would consider this an audio gold mine
I bet if K.O said it, you would go on twitter and happily quote lines
But a young kid said it, and you ain't gon' pay him no mind


I think I have a motto “Live life, live life like you hit the lotto”
You ain't gotta have a lot, yo
Just some pot, yo
Rapsun, Blacksun, The CrackBros
Coming for your back door
Matter fact, yo

[Outro x2]
(The game gon' let me in one day)
Damn what you say, damn what you say
(The game gon' let me in one day)
Damn what you say, damn what you say
(The game gon' let me in one day)
Damn what you say, damn what you say
(The game gon' let me in, fuck yall and dunk on all of yall)

Blacksun I think we got it my nigga