After Finals Freestyle

Everybody wanna talk shit (x4)

Okay, I'm tryna make her dance
Choreography and the bands
I'm tryna get the rands and the nairas
I'm working all day, day, day
And SB said he heard my song in a white hood
Nigga that's that KKK
I met a white girl, said she love rap and shit
I said I love ass and tits
That might sound a little too black and shit
But where I'm from that's called standards miss
Junior de Rocka played the set
The club went wild and I made a bet
White girls, the bitch couldn't move to the beat if I paid the rent
I ain't trippin' she brought me three more
Young nigga with some bleached hoes
I asked her what she after Nasty C for
She said she wanna boom, that's that nasty C4 nigga
Nigga nobody perfect
Nigga nobody perfect, you heard me?
So I go by the church and I worship
But I'm rolling blunts after service
I sit by the reverend from 9 to 11
But can't say I heard him
I just heard him say "Chapter 11"
I pulled out my phone and I wrote my own verses
I know what I'm doing my nigga
You know I ain't new my nigga
And Michael just called and said Cliq got a R32
And you know that ain't new to my nigga
Carl got an arm 'bout as big as my ego my nigga
I call him Carlito my nigga
And Geezo got swag and Big Z got De Vito my niggas
And Rush is just lethal my nigga
We Free World my nigga
I just made it from zero to Robert DeNegro my nigga
I'm as hot as a freezer my nigga
And cold as a geyser my nigga (word)
Life is a bitch with a scar on her face
It only feels right at the bar getting wasted
That's a bar and a bar and a bar and a bar
At the bar getting wasted

Big tings now they gwan
Tryna see my homies rich like Quan
Lazy hoes out here acting like they know what's up man
Nigga you know what you know
You don't even know if it's real

[Outro] (x4)
Everybody wanna talk shit
(Everybody wanna talk shit, heh)
Everybody wanna talk shit
Well everybody wanna talk shit