Now I've always been outcasted
For being about this rap shit
But I've always been worse than whats coming out your mouth dragon
Been a young bastard,
Quick to make draws on your spouse vanish
Without magic
Attitude on wisdom mouse-cat shit
So hard to find a nigga cause I hide behind the truth
They claim they leaders Abraham Lincoln I come as John Booth
But all they do is mislead us like Sarah Connor or science too
And General Ford would tell a story if he was alive too
I'm feeling underestimated, I been on a hustle lately
But I'm in such a such a rush to make it I sprint on em escalators
I will not rest my haters best behave me
If you certain you can take me on like Ali you probably thinking like Eddie Long
Now I see you very wrong
You transvestite nigga shit
Miss me with that faking shit I'm extra real on every song
Tired of all you fuck-boys, with that fuck-noise, cause you suck boy
I'm paranoid thinking how the fuck will the game replenish y'all
Now I'm a young nigga but my penis grown
Forever digging down a slut nigga cause my penis grown
Niggas like sinuses the way they act up
They know they drowning in my flow no-wonder why they gang stuff
Like they crip the gat and stuff acting tough like they had it rough
We saw you acting hood-boy and that's all you actually good for
I know some riders that make niggas see their maker
Boy I'm talking real riders no reference to cj's neighbor
We can take you on a trip leave you stranded like DNA
Levitating above my enemies tell me that shit ain't major
Flow for days, decades even till i fucking decay
And goddamn it you a spy, tell me that shit ain't major
They told us education was the key to success
So how the drop-out succeed? I think they need to confess
They all got in without it
Damn hip-hop is a bitch, if she don't open up for me I'm picking locks in this bitch
Now tell me have you seen her? now the little nigga get real
I'll let you beat your chest but we all know who really went gorillas
Might be stacking peanuts, promise in years ima flip a mill up
I don't settle for no simple jack like I was Ben Stiller
Ima do it for my fans and then myself and my moms too
I go hard like the great James man, Lebron and Bons too
The young soldier wrote verses could've wrote Qurans too
The hoes throwing more likes in his direction than blinds do
If moms knew about the taxi war she wouldn't have died
So i ain't never tripping nigga and I ain't telling no lie
No-one to clean up after me as a child
Now i got hip-hop all wet i wrapped a mop and stick that bitch in her thighs
Within a blink of an eye, All you rappers can get demolished
Young goblin, Major attitude swag is a bit demonic
I been watching y'all stunt and watching y'all front
Got me pissed like Robin
Time your asses get up out the closet
Y'all peace wanting ah hip hop isn't really nothing to do do
I'm the shit but I won't settle for number two
And I'm supposed to be locked up in a zoo somewhere
Grip hold the glock like its a deuce in the air
Go hard as Pac and Papoose and BIG
No virgin escaped I do young man what it do young man?
I go hard as a beast lets twist this flow they caught on my feet
You know I'm just throwing the dot at the feet
I called it a target you called it a night and you called it defeat
Man who harder than me, I'm what you are this envy
How many dead rappers in my basement now? more than many

They used to never wanna hear us,remember?
Now these bad bitches over here tryna give a nigga head trust
I'm better than the lame niggas tryin' to be famous
Can't blame us....