[Hook 1: TUL]
I think I'm in my zone
Hater leave me alone
Bottles of what ever
Smoking on that strong

I only know how to turn up load
Yea we turn up loud
Steady mobbing get you bodied leave you upside down

Yea we turn up loud
Yea we turn up loud
Steady mobbing get you bodied leave you upside down. Yeah

[Verse 1: TUL]
All my blunts are stupid fat
That shit that makes me feel like superman
My eyes red as the devil then I go do shows
I'm just tryna live cause money comes and goes and so do hoes

Fuck yea styrofoam cup
With a long blunt
Nigga (Trigga) finna role up another long one
I'm on one, two, three, four, till I'm on dust
Your slut wanna choke up on this long blunt

Young nigga witht he heart of a beast
Hard on the streets and I sure put my heart on these beats
Go get your broad on the leash
Retarded she pleads to give head and gets ryt on her knees

You think you're the man, nigga please
You slippin' I aim to sit on the Throne like Charlize
Your lady she's leaving with me
I give her that D and now she's VIP-ing for free
I'm young but I roll with the grown
Takes shots of patron and smoke in a bong, bitch I'm on
All of my nights are just long, the shots of the Vodka go blaka! The kush is just strong

I thought I told you I'm on
The bitches go gaga when ever they pop in my song
Hater do not get it wrong
My shit is the anthem your bullshit just sounds like a Gong
Boy when the fuck will you learn
You turn down, we turn up, I'm guessing its just not your turn
I roll up my sorrows then burn 'em like fuck all my burdens man really I think I'm in my

[Hook 2: TUL]


[Hook: IMZ]
I finally got your ass alone
And I know I got you in the zone
So don't your try to hide it
And don't you try to fight it

[Verse 1: IMZ]
Your smile is a blessing
Your body's a curse
You gon' send a nigga crashing with all of those curves

You know I mean no disrespect, girl you know
You're a fine mufucker yea you know, girl you know

I know how to get you wet and go down and get baptized
You love to get dirty I see it in your cat eyes
Ass on swoll I grab it, grab it
You know them other niggas were practice

I just wanna have fun, live life
And just act like it ain't nothing else to it
I know how it ends, not how to go through it
But damn it we faded, this is how we gon' do it
We just gon' drink (yea we just don drink, like we're never gonna see a tomorrow)
And I'ma put your ass on the sink (put your ass on the sink and hit it like I'm not gonna see you tomorrow)

[Hook 2: IMZ]