Slikour: So firstly, I mean obviously apparently you are coming or going to a show. What made you come to this, uhm, Extra Cold Xperience? You know, cause yo, you busy. We know you busy, you know

Cassper Nyovest: Yeah I gets it in

Slikour: You know. What made you come out here tonight, you know what I mean?

Cassper Nyovest: Nasty gave me a call. Well, I called T-Lee, my manager and they were like "Yo, can we do this?"
And I'm like yo man I'm I've always said from the beginning, I'm always down to help Nasty out with anything because he's such a special breed of an artist and he's just such a humble kid, you know what I mean? I just wanna help as much as I can. I'm also very inspired by him so I always wanna be in his space. You know like every minute I spend with him man is just so inspiring. It pushes me...

Slikour: (Interrupts) Yo, hold on. Sorry to cut you. Before've been rapping stupidly over the past two tracks. I'm like "What the fuck is up with you?" Who pushed your button?

Cassper: Honestly, you can ask Gemini man, it's Nasty. know, Nasty found us chilling in the rap game and we were just putting out hits and you know... like the skill...Not like that the songs we were putting out was wack but nobody was trying to prove that they could rap. And then Nasty came out and he was rapping and people you know, heard that and you know, we're like "Okay, so we can rap now. So he made it possible for us to rap.