0808 Sweet Soul

Nastee Nev has steadily climbed the rungs of the urban house ladder towards being a respectable force in the industry. His latest offering, 0808 Sweetsoul, serves as his official declaration that he’s here to stay. For anyone familiar with the Nastee Nev sound you’ll know it’s all about soul and that’s just what you get in 0808 Sweetsoul. Opening with Having You Around the listener is made well aware that they’re in for a musical treat. Nastee first flexes his musical prowess with Take Me (All Night) featuring Donald Sheffey. The rich baritone vocals from Sheffey over sultry guitar licks and mellow piano chord work make it a personal favourite on the album. Another tasteful number on 0808 Sweetsoul is the effortlessly beautiful Fly Away. Interestingly enough though the vocal version of Nastee’s most popular single, Joy, is a spectacular let down and was definitely better off as an instrumental. One other thing that caught my attention is the album artwork that is unashamedly copied from Ne-Yo’s R.E.D. album. That aside, 0808 Sweetsoul serves as the perfect testament that South African soulful house is growing and cementing itself as a force to be reckoned with on the international scene.


Title Length
Take me 4:10
Having you around 6:57