Science N' faith

Wait wait wait wait wait That's the King
I've Tried pushing evolution nigga
At the obvious conclusion
But turned into illusion nigga
I see Cheerleaders is Falling apart
They Call me B....God hubbie!!


Jesus know, that I'm Optimus prime
And jesus know
That I hated Hip hop
And jesus know
That I've sinned a fucken lot
And jesus know
I'm Goddess Of love
Spittin Science N' faith!
(Spittin science)
Conflict between science N' faith
(Spittin science)
Spittin Science N' faith
(Spittin science)
Conflict between science N' faith
(Spittin science)

[Verse I]

Make every effort to live in peace with niggas
Cause all the mankind will see God's salvation
It all came crawling through bitterness
I'm luck to have faith in this planet
Rotten niggas dumping Holiness
Hence there's conflict between faith N' sciences
Instead Of rescuing folks like moses
We killin future generations


[Verse II]

This type of records reminds me of who I am
I'm the bishop of the ateoch, was martared under the roman empire
I'm tha tragen Nigga
I've tried to break love into a fucken science
In just an act of pure defiance
I broke their hearts, I guess I'm lost in this planet
Hustle silent let success make the noise
Shit, It's time to fill this empty sacks
Damn, My niggas are busy having Sex
Instead of deceasing these tummies Stats
Scientists got to kill this AIDS
It busy killin caring folks
Hence orphans are busy eating dirt
Time to change my city into States
And junkies got to whoop that habit
Thou shall not lie, shall not kill
Shall not steal, honor your mother and father
To orphans play God
To shawties stay alive
To a life play hard
Damn, God is Great....
Wait wait wait That's The King!


People be like I need prayers
Proberbely I just need a wine in my blood
Since God turned water into it
Am sastified nigga, Caaaash!!!