So Nemi huh...what does that even mean?  Never Even Made it(Laughs)...Do you know why you here[What? Cause I hurt many people]. You know what nigga. You could go to jail for that. You could go to jail for life for that. As a matter of fact, how you feeling?[What?]. I said, how you feeling man?[I said what?]HOW ARE YOU FEELING MAN!!!

Verse 1:
I got a feeling I see the heaven inside me//I got a fear, consider me where the God be//On my nana I got me more than a broken heart//A seperated family and now I need to talk//I see my antidote, I know I have the code//Consider, I was defeated when I wa losing hope//I know I came with a healing for all my evil cracks//Look at me Im possessed by confusion infact//I couldn't do it, I couldn't feel it, I couldn't do it//I couldn't do it, I couldn't see it, I wasn't proven//I know my family broke, nobody can fix it//know my daddy is broke and my momma convicted//Not to a jail, her living was forever conficted//Murder mentality really incarcerated to thought//She looked in my image like im a blessing in void//I look in her image im really tryna avoid//(Aahhh Man)//All the frailty, be her remedy in the future//Mission is a to call an uber, Take her to her new home//Get dad a beast of a car, my momma is crying//Stuck in the wrong place//Dreaming is nothing without trying(X2)//

Im Tired
Im tired
Of everything

Verse 2:
You wouldn't abuse, you are the benefit
//My brother misused what could be sensitive//The heart and the body, unison to the cerebellum//Put a sad case on a crying judge, imperative religion made and my story done// when the wood be hitting ground//Incarceration begin, behind the moniker is an insecure, young boy, Slikor than the nigga pulling him back. TeHO yes(To Each His Own)//
And you could never break me loose, im your Nemesis lock//Im just a nigga with a dream, never opened my eyes(X3), WHO AM I!!!!//