MuzArt's debut album has resurrected my hope in South African music. They are a talented group, with a rich sound and tons of attention to musicality in their songs.

Opening track Soundwaves is an up-tempo dance number, with elements of jazz. It is a fun song, but also displays the great instruments which is the common thread in this album.

The second song, Oh Yeah, reminds me a lot of Toya DeLazy. It is poppy song with a South African flavour. It's a sassy song and makes for a great 'anthem' much like Doo-Bee-Doo was in its time.

Juke Box is a mellow club song, with layers of instruments that fold nicely into each other. Rori's sweet voice and the bass in the guys' voices add great flavour to the song.

Long Long Time is mostly made good by the instruments, I am not in love with the vocals and lyrics. It sounds slightly outdated.

The Party After brings the sounds of Cool and the Gang into the album. It is a cute song, but personally does not do it for me. I was hoping it would grow on me after listening to it a few times, but I must say, this is one of my least favourites on the album.

Not In Tha Mood is my favourite. It takes a few second to catch the rhythm of the song and then the layers get more and more exposed. When the song starts, one expects one thing and gets a very pleasant surprise. It's up-beat with attitude, which is what I love about it. Suffice to say I have this poor song looping in my car, I just hope I don't scratch the CD in that very spot!

Let There Be Harmony is one of those that has a very specific audience. The music, rhythm and lyrics are on point but I'm regrettably not one of the audience it's meant for. One of my least favourites.

The Great I Am is gospel as jazz-loving, young people would have it. I love this song, and as a Christian, I'm so happy to have this song included instead of the group opting to almost abandon their Christianity for an exclusively secular offering. It's not lyric-heavy, which is good because the jazzy instruments would have possibly been diluted as a result.

Moemedi is also a favourite of mine. It's a gospel song, and it is fun and a lot of care was taken to make sure it's engaging. Rori's voice is perfect on this song, very soulful. Love it!

The salsa sounds of Morning Glory are lovely, but I'm not sure under which circumstances I would really listen to this song. It's definitely niche so is a lost on me.

Move (Yeah Yeah) is so South African, and the dance rhythm and the change of lead vocalist for this song make for a nice change. I can see this song featuring on Strictly Come Dancing.

The Party After Remix wraps up fabulous album nicely. It still has the essence of the original but has its own flavour, which I like. Although I wasn't sold on the original, I can't really knock this song.

While I have never found an album where I love everything, this one comes close and for a first album, the group sound like seasoned musicians.


# Title Length
2 Oh Yeah 4:53
3 Jukebox 5:18
5 Party After 4:17