Mr Serious

This album is a follow up of his debut project ‘The Dream’ which he released in 2014. Now let’s talk…

‘Mr Serious’

…the album offers a mellow, afro-pop sound from the intro which is a minute-long.

Listening to the entire tracklist you will notice that the album blends soulful and funky pop you can definitely dance to. From intro till track 10 ‘Ntandane’ you still have the soulful rhythm except tracks; Ndilalapho, Serious and Mad in Love which the sound changes to that funky vibey rhythm.

Now our picks from the entire album, songs which we think deserve a spotlight; the obvious Mthande followed by Nomkitha, Phesheya Komlambo, Ndilalapho, Serious and Mad in Love. The album doesn’t have many features only two important we noticed; with Robbie Malinga on the smash tune Mthande and Riky Rick on Serious.


# Title Length
2 Nomkitha 4:30
3 Mthande 4:53
4 Phesheya Komlambo 3:58
10 Ntandane 5:12