Friday knight

Verse 1]
I don't sleep on this niggas I'm a
king of the freestyle
Mic on my hand talk money
Let the devil talk budy averse
never judge the book
By the cover smoke joints claim
like QD
Blow the smoke to the O.G
Niggas don't shake my backbone
they can lock my asshole
Starting Wayback spreading rap
like a poison I'm the python
Put the mic on dropping bars like
a Psycho Evey Friday thats a
Hip hop I'm the legend tell your
bitch to be quite My flow is on a
flymode you can't rap like a
beast,you can't rap like me
Making lil money yeah,we
working so hard
I'm too late on the game like is
post date
Tell the master of the game this
is postage ,fuck that I was born
on the Thursday ,tell my mama
that I pray
Tell my daddy that I pray fuck
this is all set up
Life is so damn fed up ,money is
not the evil
Devil keeping showing me dollar
sign,life keep on turning like a
Friday night in the street
,freestyle gratify
I make broads go wise walking in
the church I hear the pastor
talking about the Bible that's
I rather humble
God know I'm not the trouble
,fuck hoes
Spitting fire check the weather
everybody is damn hot
I'm not
Flow radish life is not a hug
,fuck all niggas see when I perish
Putting niggas in the coffin one
Proficient fight that like a
You coughing expecting worse
(You know me medical flow
electrical currents)
You the cure on the game
[Bridge ]
Bitch what's you gonna do when
you wake up dead
Shit I'm in hell on earth
What's you gonna do when you
wake up dead
Okay look
[Verse 2]
Matter stinking in the mouth and
solve by the mouth
Whether you might keep the key I
got the locks
Haters move fast like a bundle
They all come together like a
puzzle now I kick mad verse like
I used to play soccer with the
Education is the key I got the
Flow so tight like a virgin [pussy]
Shock value got you pissing nigga
You the widow his ass ain't dead
Fake nigga hit the pussy on your
tombstone pedegre like I'm stone
cold don't ask for the favour
Blind girl can you shave my balls
take a razor
Feel a nigga on the game
collaboration got me pissing
All I do is dissing nigga same
flow on the floor peaking apes in
the zoo
Seeking ex in the book maths flow
with no hooks straight nigga
Yeah I'm done with the rules
Tough nigga yeah I'm done with
this goons
King bars I don't play with the
CFunk jiggle nigga like a Hoola
Get more ass like a toilet seat
you make me aspiration
I'm a bad temper putting
implication on my last verse
I'm poor in my life and rich in
my mind young boy with the
dreams it's ambition not the
layabouts it's my missionary
Religion is the only option just to
talk with the dead person
What the fuck is it I tell a story
with my real life
I'll never sacrifice people getting
muzzy ain't a illumati
They say i got the power from the
devil I say I never grovel they
never listen
I even think about to quit rap
you can ask a question but you
will never get an answer
It's like dancing while you
I'm on a mission poaching in the
game plugging people to get the
fame I do Rap I don't sing feed
fans with the real music
Let the king talk damn I'm
feeling like a king Kong
197 is my seat to my kingdom
sucking game like a vampire
I'm hustling till I get higher
Looking like a beast when I touch
a mic
Young Dunn nigga hitting Chainz
looking like a slave in the game
I'm the boy from the Death Grip
fresh like a fruit new school
Yah e sharp
(T LApoiison)
Go get em,cause we wake up each
and evey fuxking day hungry for
success muhfuckers