No Lie

Yeah Glitz ..Glitz Gang Bitch

When y’all see us you shut the fuck up man
Like you just seen the Ku Klax Klan
Everytime I slack I’m trying to stack a few bucks man
So I can cop the drop and the new truck van
Where I’m from we rock alligators blue Chucks fans
And the thugs rob players move clump grams
Go ahead try to play us your crew get struck blam
No killer push me the boy’ll pop ya
I got no patience like an unemployed doctor
Tido … dude that chicks stare at right
Man you dude aint taking over queers and dikes
And you’ll never be on top like you scared of heights
Man these cats talk trash but aint prepared to fight
Me in the club might be fresh pair of nikes

No lie… no lie… no lie…
I represent Joburg City
World wide … world wide … world wide
I represent … represent… ay
No lie … no lie… no lie… no lie
I represent Joburg City
World wide … world wide … world wide

I puff and each swag dripping modern day Charles Dickens
Ever since a child sinning, foul living
Cameras clicking legendary fouls written
Tell God giving lead shit juvenile tripping
Double rhymes with triple dimes cross thicker lines
Gold in my mind in a nick of time
Over Cris and wine I kiss your dime
Punch through wicked signs cripple minds
No flow is as sick as mine
Wicked crimes watch us slick and slide
Through brick of slime like R. Kels I piss on dimes
Airborne like the sicker kind
In basement a beat to your mind
Looking for six figure number the rags to riches kind
The author in this call me triple nine


New drug a.k.a the new buzz
a.k.a the great the made new Maggz
a.k.a number one and never second place
Moved up to the top without escala…tors
Just on the ladder of success
So I hustle hard for that treasure and the chest
Yes coz you measured with your cheques
In this life of bills the era of the dead
It’s real but I’m the Joburg veteran
Being hustling right and flow was relevant
And still high on that globe herb element
And I can’t stop till my flow birth elephants
Cheetahs, Buffalos see us
Cruising through the city chicks in the beamers
Loving our sound as it kicks through the speakers
Fuck all you clowns we got hits for arenas