I Am

Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Some of these Africans hate theirselves
Diseases kill their cells, reach for help
From the belly of hell
The self hate story is what is told
And that’s the story the tell

Burning his house my grandfather as a soldier he retired
Never saw Zion with his own eyes
Believers done taught many white lies
Michael my cousin lost his right eye
Beat on the streets by white guys
My leaders imprisoned by the side lines
Killed for speaking their own minds
I cry for Steve Biko and Tupac at same time
Brother Sharpez had a great mind
Chris Hani died at a wrong time
I forgive but never forget at the same time
Hold minds speak for the right mind
Genius and a black mind freedom is a birth right
Love yourself a war cry
Remember one strike one chance one life
Oh God I love life
And I love Steve Biko as much as I love Christ
I struggled my whole life
I struggled like Mahatma Gandhi in the turbinate
40 days 40 nights thinking 27 is suicide

I’m Marcus Garvey, I’m Hector Peterson, I’m Bob Marley
I am… I am
I’m Thabo Mbeki, I’m Steve Biko, I’m Chris Hani
I am… I am

TV bomb boundaries bombard reality
Crime stop the lottery stop depicting me
Let me see what you are not what you trying to be
Modify my nation and society why you lying to me?
You quiver quake mutha fuckas know nothing about a ship
A nigga bottle ace models diabolical hell fire
Baptized in sapphires, seeking answers in Proverbs and Jeremiah
Trapped in a tyre of a messiah like Don Matera
I survived the dawn of terror, my nation mourn so ever
They say we pawn the murder
And if you made it you go futher
Tired of lies televised, hypnotizing us with better vise
Do or die try to play it while I’m tired of you
Depicting black man far from right
This is self expression it causes aggression
Enough to make a group of people look for Morale with weapons


These are African times
Normal to the naked eye deeper to the wise guys
It’s essential to potray us with the right vibes
Yo I got potential in my right mind
They say we full blown, like it’s an African disease alone
They say we monkeys when it comes to chromosomes
Prefabricated truth thought of most hated
From Soweto to cities that are emancipated
From out the slums we elevated
But still the image of my black ass is back dated
I mo’ say it again, I promised Hector Peterson
For the sin not to repeat again
Oprah Winfery has the power over a million men
And Tokyo you a business man? Ghetto mentality
Play victim to society or fall casualty to criminology
Hold your horses hold your crew
Before you start aiming your guns approaching blue
It’s nothing new media has been close to you
Be sincere never let the truth to cry from you
Beautiful and black the star you are
Dedication and positive self esteem will get you far