Aint No Thing

I’m known for the worst
In the South and the East the best and the fresh in the West
Prince Charming get into white girls like Marlon
Mahummad Ali I break bread like Cassius Clay
My life is driven, the high lights you living
You might like the glistening, I might pipe your chicken
You might bite my pimping, fast lanes I’m switching
Choosy so brains I’m picking…

[Chorus x2]
Rolling with my homeboys
Loving all the brownies and the yellow bones
It aint no thing (Hey) it aint no thing you dig
It aint no thing you dig (Hey it aint no thing!)

You can measure my skinny bones down by the centimeters
Got heat like plumber geysers
9 millimeters top genius sharp achievers
I bang looks like Alecia Keys
Pimp divas to beavers sharp shooters and beamers
You gotta be retarded fools not to see us
I sleep with the cutest spike shooters for venus
I get brains I got brains like a genius
I drop dames I coz pain I pop things


They call me cheese boy
Coz me and my boy sandwich your mom like cheese boy
Niggaz is soft like cotton cloth
Taking shots my repertoire top of tops
I drop you when the top and box
Shut you up for the talk you talk
Twist you up like bad insurance I won’t pay out
The glits and the dice its all I’m about
I’m doing upstream, the games’s flow is played out


Hey… hey… hey… hey
Hey… it aint no thing