Usual Suspect

Usual Suspect (Prod. by NeuroBeatzMadeIt)


Pope of good dope EP (2020)

Ever since a youngen
I been thinking money busy hustling
Always was a suspect I been dodging laws and giving kickbacks.
Riding dirty and the car jacked
Two heaters and they don't jam
So sick like a heart attack in your
block getting all of that.

Verse 1
In your block getting all of that you talking trash where your manners at.
I gat shit where ur runners at where the money I need all that.
Madiba faces we don't cut cheques u now fuckin with a dope man.
O.F what I rap man i'mo run it till I die man.
For your cash would murder for your cash police pull you over and start making a mass.
Gat a big score now your ass is stuck in traffic.
If I want a gun I go and hit the black market.

Verse 2
I put in work no complaints street nigga from the O.F.
Riding dirty was his middle name had a future before this gang shit.
Can't get a job and now he lifting I'm talking live emo and pistols.
He get a call and that's a mission killer contract termination.
Would slide for the cash would you slide.
Pick a side nigga this is do or die.
O.F our motto win or die Hard times are the best to be alive.