Trap (Prod. by NeuroBeatzMadeIt)


Pope of good dope EP (2020)


Am so dope eyes
so low I ain't even know
why you hating me for.
Yes am dope get that dough
I ain't even know why you hating
Us for.

I gat dealer on the right
All my bitches do me right
If you pull up i'mo slide
Weed and liquor we alright.

I just wanna live my life
Why you tryna fuck it up
Hol up let me take my time
......(like you can fuck me now )
Bitches you can fuck me now.
Yeah she hit me on my DM and them pictures yeah see them grinding AM till the PM.
I just want brand new BM
Dope ass nigga yeah I be him
I won't stop until my key in
I do action you go missing
We was working through the pain.
Haa! I was hard life was going harder binges for the weekend treing to fix a broken heart.
I just wanna smoke and fuck a bitch and then I'm out
Niggas get gwuap in the streets they cashing out.