Break the bank

Break the bank (Prod. by NeuroBeatzMadeIt)


Pope of good dope EP (2020)


Verse 1
Aah Yah nigga never sweat yes I had to do it for the gang.
I Yah nigga never stress what's the point of trying to impress.
Aah Yah nigga am feeling blessed you can hate us but we never care.
Aah Yah nigga why you there can't you see we grinding over here.
If your ass ain't grinding then you suck last night I had a dance with lady luck.
I had to bend her over on the spot this is fire man I'll drop it while it's hot.
Man I heard them neighbour watchers really talking
Man I'm all up in the streets nobody talking.
You call yourself tough easy target I'll burn your whole block I don't gang bang.

Tell your fam dead body on the way i'mo kill em all no escape.
Phone jumping where the plug on the way man you know we have to get it anyway.
Don't you know I'm really down for the G code and I really wanna ride hit a bank hoe.
We won't stop till we get what we came for and it's all for the love for the game.
Don't you know I'm always in for the cash hoe hol it down when i slide I'm the shit hoe.
Don't you know I'm really down for the G code and really wanna ride hit a bank hoe.

Verse 2
All you lame get no game that a shame I'm just saying.
I'm on weed,ships and some G shit pick a fight you know i'mo finish it.
Criminal, mobbing or thugging I call it thugority.
Why o I feel so unsafe when I see the authorities.
Politics never did nothing but fuck up society.
Freedom is when you get money and buy every fucking thing is you feeling me like.