Mongezi Lata, stage name Monga-. Born 1993-11-24 in the neighbourhoods of Orange Farm. His first music experience was at a community centre project in 2012 when he first saw the impact he had to the young people who are into mainstream music. As his sound is very international but the background of his lyrics depicts the child that grew in these streets. Talking about his real life experiences and what he went through and still going through. His music is very attractive. He has a visual titled INSPIRED. you can search the video on YouTube.
Most of his music is yet to come. And his only wish is that the world get a taste and maybe more of the imagination he's craving to give with love to his supporters and the world at large. He's the next big thing for South Africa. He believes in the hands of time and says "You don't gotta hate but appreciate what's at plate"
Why feel sorry after being hurt?
Just appreciate and forgive because life goes on. His coming EP "Pope Of Good Dope" will drop anytime after sometime. So stay focused and keep the support going.