Mixed feelings dissolved
In a strong drink
Oh shit
Imma show you
What lust is, fun is
The one too smooth
To get cuffed B
My niggas got syrup
We're all sick
Don't you notice the symptoms
Of some misfits
When we roll in the system
Oh shit

[Verse 1:]

Outchea looking all potent
The room's so God damn
She can barely breathe
But we gon' stay up
Till morning
So she gon' need that
When I put that shit
In a coffin
Might write some
Personal shit
Have her contemplate
Angel sniffs
Just to forget Hazy years
Well go ahead
No one's here
To observe and judge
On how you damned
Got a nigga yelling
Got a coupla nigga fans
All hidden in her purse
Never tried
To identify with your type
But it just happens
See unlike em other dames
You don't question
My intentions
Gone off that spirit
That holy water
Watch you as you swim in
Well lemme join ya
Lemme join ya
Baby lemme join ya
God damn...


She's just too good
To give her back
Cause I got her under
Now you jogging ten laps
Just to get back in
Her pants
I got it, oh yeah I got her

[Verse 2]

God damn
So faded might fuck around
And get a liquor deal
No heroes allowed
We only look up
To villains, shit
Make a killing with every
Always kissing the ceiling
But I ain't never
Reaching my limit
808s got me feeling dazed
I've been jaded for fucking days
God damn
I can feel the haze
God damn
I can feel the haze
All in my brain
It's too insane
See a coupla dames
Like triponspades
My mind gone, but my
Body here
Yeah you can take advantage


[Verse 3:]

Now listen
She gon' feel this
When she's peakin'
Straight to a different
That'll get her on her
Knees for a minute
Natural born killer
Typa shit that'll get you
Straight in your feelings
Follow like a religion
Psychedelic visions
Got me feeling trippy
Even so my nigga...



I.Origins sample