Out Of Mind

I've been here a thousand times
Going out of my mind
And you might say I'm blind
Out of sight and Out Of Mind

[Verse 1]
I'm starting to feel like you don't understand when I talk about life
Starting to feel like you don't understand when I talk about pain
Starting to feel like you don't understand when I talk about melodies
Starting to feel like you don't understand when I talk about music
Okay, look
I always knew there was more to me than just a kid who can Rap
And is never gon' rest until he's on the map, only when dreaming did he own a cap
I was quiet and I was laughed at
Introverted and I was smart ke
See, it was hard for my type to get pussy or even a date
It wasn't cool to have me as a friend
Rapping is cool and I kinda fell deeply
But ain't really popping
Man all that I see is a few niggas tryna mislead me
Goons wanna see me 6-feet deep
Never even hit shows
All I've got is lit songs
No proper studio
Hopped out the uniform, dropped outta school and all
And they tell a nigga like "Dee, you ain't Cassper
See, you will never make it out there bra"
I carry a big dick and I speak soft
Then I make everything stick when I spit flows
Ngizongena emakhanda abo njenge blunt e-skoon
Bang'fune engomen' zabo njengo Auto Tune
Pussy nigga talking about "Dee's not dope"
Who's he talking about, the king of flows?

[Verse 2]
"Every girl that I'm fucking says they're only fucking with me", I'm just quoting this shit
Wish I could be like the nigga who wrote it, but goddamn nigga, my clothing is weak
I write my rhymes when I got some time, putting everything that I've been through out there
Cry sometimes when I write about love, been losing every chick as I begin to love her
Niggas were dissing and solely I killed them, ain't even sorry I did that
I'm making your nigga feel whack
So mina ngi stress
Don't give a fuck about y'all niggas' feedback
I always think about my late big bro
Well, maybe I just don't wanna let it go
But last night I could have sworn that I heard his voice
Hits me even deeper when they play his songs
My heart is stone cold on my chest
I wrote a song called "Songs I Make"
Goddamn this is so unfair
You could take anybody, just not my friend
But my nigga fuck it, I'm godly
Don't give a fuck if you're stylish or holy
My pockets are empty G
But to the rap game I'm an addict
I won't rest till my niggas are rich
Word to my nigga AreRich
I don't do it for myself bro,
I'm in it for the world, yow
"Buka mfethu, no cap, I know that we all Rap
Kodwa uMlusi u-dope yedwa", kusho eyakho i-boyfriend
I'm that little guy whose head just makes him
Snap everytime he Raps, I'm blazin'
Friendly with ladies, good with babies
I'm like a stray dog angry with rabies

Man, if it's Dee on the mic then ingoma iya popper
Ang'dingi no one ozong'nika co-sign, as long as ng'saphethe i-flow yam
"How many times are you gonna Rap about your skills?"
Well, that would be for as long as I got skills nigga
Melodiego, haa