Ill Mind Of Dee (Unofficial Single)

Mfeth' amajid' ayafosa, wah
Masenza kakhul' ayas'zonda plus
iNgakho ng'ngathandi nok' socialiser
Ung'thola nje ng'hamba nesosha lam,
That's Turn Twenty, my day one
We gon' make plenty of tracks naye
Tracks slappin', I'm that guy
Wanna smash baddies and get high

Show me a nigga that Raps more or better than me around my area
Man, all that I do is just bag hoes, ain't beggin' no chicks throughout my daily life
Fuck outta here with the trash talk, if you ain't finna spit then bra ungaveli laa
Ungazodlala nezinja

I used to be so shy, you would find me chilling on corners
K'hlezi k'nentwana ezofik' izong' gcona
And I would cry sometimes, wishing I'd stop being so awkward
Would always be hiding my face even though ingakafik' iCorona
Spitting those hot lines
Had no confidence in myself, wouldn't believe when somebody said my shit is so awesome

I turned to a singer these days, but when I get a chance I still Rap
Bro, with the skills I be blessed
I got exes still want me back
I think it's because the dick quite insane
Better make sure that your friends are really your friends
And they gon' be there when it ain't no bands
I got friends, I get benefits
Can't be "Just friends" if you got 'em tits

I was a joke in my primary school days
Now I'm the bro niggas wanna be cool as
Back then, there was just a lot of pain
Never got a "Sure" from girls
The only time I would smile was after a nigga got a call from Dad
I started changing my mind my nigga and said I wanna ball from then

Mina ngakhula beng'hleka
Ngingavunywa meng'shela
Ng'thula, ng'buka beng'hleba
Intwana zing'hlula ngok'repha
Ng'ngakaze ng'qhamuke ng'gudla no Mem
Manje ng'nokuthatha ama chicks wamajida
Wena usanceng' ama pics namajida
Y'all never get no girls but
It is okay to be lame, just embrace your nature

I'm ready for niggas to throw shade at me on emotional verses
Then I'ma show 'em that no nigga matches,
Man, they go claim they get bitches and still be on Facebook cryin' over bitches
Guys are some weaklings
That shit that you left in my Studio whack
You couldn't have stopped what I do with your girl
But I'm only gone 'cause ang'fun' abe stressed

I'm one touchy dude and your Lady don't mind
So why do you sound like a scared little girl on the mic?
Are you scared or you shy?
I'd like to see you then standing your ground

When I was 5 years old just out at home
God already knew I would thrive and grow to find that glow
And now I'm just smart and dope
I got no fear for no music style, I try them all
Everything I spit is hard and raw
I swear nobody can touch the boy
I need no advices, fuck that, no

Sometimes I be in my room, have a chick with me there,
Fucking and still being friends
Shit is insane
The way she be giving me that, I'ma keep sneaking back
Some people shake when I come like I'm good sex
Ng'phethe lez' ezenza ngath' ama Brooklax
Yebo, z'yanyisa and give you no peace
But 'meke waz'disa they leave you on seen

50 said you've gotta die trying
But I'm done trying, wouldn't mind dying
Man, I've been stressed
I just split up with my Dark Skin babe
And I love this girl
But that's not the reason why I've been sad
I got mixed up with a childish girl
Got some bitch nigga claiming my child is his
Everybody be talking about this shit

Was not tryna move like this
I'll let him have it, but this baby looks like me