Son Of God

Son Of God (Prod. by FRANKLINBLACK)

Mellow-B Smash

Nobody Knows Me (2020)


[Verse 1]
In the hood its kinda late
I'm scared I might get killed
I'm gonna make it
I see the look inside their eyes
God damn they pissed
Son Of God the holy spirit is my shield
My weapon is my mouth I fire drill
No blood spilled
Watch me reunite with God
To prove I'm God sent
You gotta stand next to me
To smell that God scent
I'm a messenger
Probably that God sent
Dropped a verse they ain't forget since

Like... Positive attractions
I attract all the negative things
Bring a new definition of what this heaven is since
Everybody had a glimpse
And a piece of my existence
Is a sin
Can I be born again?
Maybe yes...
But in another skin
I'm proud of who I am... and
Being black ain't embarrassing
Spiritual relevance
Subconscious to these references
Comparisons to all the differences
Man I'm tired of this shit...

[Verse 2]
I'm not condoning if it's right
But this my way of life
Ain't paradise
It's hurts sometimes but mommy told me to be wise
I realized
If you don't follow trends
It's gonna take some time
Don't ask me why...
Just follow heart man its gonna be all fine
So used to people in my hood they say my rap is wild
I talk to GOD but he don't reply
I hope he see me when I cry
These tears up on my eyes
A son of God I feel declined
But keep the faith up in my mind
Heart can break so many times
Deceiving those who don't want to see you alive
I'm disappointed all the times
God can take you anytime
I don't need to waste no time
time flies no air time
On line but its not landline
Son Of God this my land mine
Everybody stand on it
But they don't own shit...
I'm the king I hope they know this