Out Here

[Verse 1]
That fake life is not my thing
I been that nigga since I'm right in
I don't need no boost shit I just need my conscious
Been an early problem ever since my first project
Niggaz ain't shit
I move 'em
Like object's
Tracks pop outta the blue like new topics
Couldn't play your new shit that shit is still garbage
I done told my story turned a booth into a moshpit
Started rapping back when niggaz wasn't rocking truck fits
Punches landing hard bro
Niggaz think I weight lift
Nigga stole my bars bro
Got him in this deep shit
I done had that little nigga dealt with quick
Real shit

Been out here
I been out here
They liking
They been liking
Be my queen
I'll be your king
They liking They been liking

[Verse 2]
I done fucked up all the tracks
Neuro hit me on some new shit
Nigga had to swipe the bag
sorry didn't mean to do this
my back against the wall
I don't mean I'm bullied
never scared of war
I'm the one to bully
I'm not scared of dogs
pocket full of rabbies
Niggaz minds irresponsible
But they making babies
Call 'em baby daddies
Got 'em lost inside them panties
paying couldn't pay for nappies
Still got love for ladies
ERA not the 80's ×2
Heard 'em making noise
Got 'em motivated
Gotta raise your voice
Before you make a statement
I was on my thoughts
Shit was like a day dream