Headache (Prod. by NeuroBeatzMadeIt)

Mellow-B Smash ft Yung Rich-Art

Epidemic Raps (2020)


[Verse 1] Mellow-B Smash
Timeless elevation groom's better understanding
Perspective is always different from where you standing
We ain't average my nigga
Look what we give 'em
Tried to be different
Thought I'm acting
I forgive 'em
Niggaz exposed
Look how they did 'em
All these flexible flows
Look how I bend 'em
My brain divided into 3 minds
This that Trinity ...
Everything said, processed three times till infinity
Father, Son and the Holy Spirit
It's Still one... Ain't united
Through this history
I can't fake impressions so they feel me
Nah, it ain't right
Through rap I spit life
Dope, broke and I'm still getting like three likes
Hard to feel your back when its been stabbed a hundred times
The life they live is contracting with their rhymes
Rather be broke, stuck in this real shit for my life time
Hard to admit the truth
When you was living bout a lie
I think my words will leave earth redefined
I think my burden will not be heavy in some time
Like it's crazy when I think about it
Headache in my mind, LOOK

All my life been tryna prove that I can spit
Hard to learn acceptance coz it is what it is
Hard to wake up when you warm in the sheets
Short conversation with God before I sleep
Somebody told me gotta learn before you teach
God I really need you
With this positive energy wish I see you

[Verse 2] Yung Rich-Art