Mellow-B Smash

Karabo Mugeri, current stage name MeLLoW-B Smash. Born and raised at Orange Farm, 2000 November 30th. He started doing music in 2013. With his first song titled 'Exposure'. Which inspired him to do more music . In 2015 he also worked on an EP that wasn't a success. Then in 2017 he worked on his debut LP titled 'Vince Carter', with 19 songs. Worked with a collective of local artists. But no music of his was uploaded on any digital platforms. He has worked on a project titled 'Black Child Project' in 2019 which faced difficulties dropping later on that year due to quality problems. With a mixtape he has now. He surely will be the next Game changer. He said the new work might drop anytime from now. He plans to drop more singles and visuals for the songs througout the year. Currently running as a solo artist. In search of people with the same vision. "Rap music is the core of bonding and relating with the message passed on to the listerners" said MeLLoW-B Smash. With the help of his fellow producer NeuroBeatzMadeIt on every beat behind his records. His focus is to fuse relevent concepts that are hardly spoken about. Respect and compilation of wisdom that still needs to be adressed amongst the youth of today. Through music he has a vision to heal broken souls. And uplift the spirit of good intentions, to circumstances one can face. He usually say... "Music Is a platform used to contribute emotionally through the versatility and beauty of art"...