Smoke pot wit the God

Goku kick in, klas cooking Steve drive hates yo
Bvxy bam bass jumping. A.kInGs come in gang go bang hard.
808 treble bass, all you do the two step now.
Ditch that now, alsO_Damn Dance.
Quick now check don’t move that fast,
Sip slow, live that fast.
Grind pay, stack them bands.
Look now stay fly, live your life
sip some sprite, all you will live so fine.
Night out with the men’s God knows yeah we wild as fuck.
Slow up, in the mix
wake up, fresh off, go in, Get it.
Quick fast. Still early in the morning
Money not a problem, make a call
sms, hundred racks.
She do the dance, she stay the night.
She came with her friends.
Party up, keep cool, rollup
switch up, don’t catch-up baby.
Rollup keep cool. Switch up don’t catch-up.