The Way of the Dassie

You are tuned into MAXNORMAL.TV, we make it look easy
Everyone is sheepy, sleepy sick sick sick
We are original unique individuals
Ten out of ten again and again
Exterminating pests germinating
In your stressed demom nests, yes you need a rest
Parasites are creepy always trying to eat me
Possessed by the demon beast 666
Electrify when I testify would the next in line please step inside
Disinfect your mind, make sure that you don't get left behind
Electronic symphonic melodic exotic harmonic
Steady exorcize melancholic demonic robotics

You like light we like light-bite bite bite bite
We play video game with your life-run run run run
You like light we like night
We play video game with your life-fresh fesh fresh

Fresh out the box brand new
You never speak what is not true
That's why we love you Dassie
You don't get bothered
And you never take what is not offered
That's why we love you Dassie
Alway's sharp and alert
And you not a pervert
That's why we love you Dassie
You're very psychic
But you never kill anyone or anything
That's why we love you Dassie

Practise to be psychic-next level hi-tech
Beware of corporate mind-tricks don't be a sucker
Become the enemy, hundred percent energy
Master of reality-go go go go!
Stay furiously curious, live your dream
Neon beams zap through the black-freeze no copy-cats please
Take your sloppy slack schemes throw them in the bin
Stop acting like a looser and maybe you will win
Hands up-king of the young come soon
Thunder pound the ground cartoon boom
Next time you check me on the telly go:
MAX NORMAL is extra-ordinary yo!

Experimental personality often misunderstood
With powers that I didn't ask for -MAX NORMAL'S hardcore
If your days are dark and your friends are few
Remember MAXNORMAL.TV is always there for you
Omniphonic techno heart-beat-100 point bonus go!
Aura pumping got the party jumping
No no-no no-no no-no no
No no-no no there's no limit

I always feel safe whenever I'm with you
Cos you love me Dassie and I love you too
You help me make all my dreams come true

That's why I love you Dassie!!!!!!!!!