I like your body

Hey, sister, I like your body
Why do you like my body?
It makes me feel powerful

Yeah, 2plox in the motherfucking house
Check me out
Whats going down sweetheart?
Aint seen you 'round these parts
That butt puts the boom in my beat box
You look mighty cute in them jeans
Shaking that ass like jello
You make me wanna go hello
Can I be a lucky fellow
Can i get a whoop whoop can i get an oh
Can i get some of that to go (Come on!)
Can i get a lookie
Can i get a glass of warm milk with my cookie
Look at you, picking up your hanky
With "spank me" written on the back of your panties
I've never seen an ass so fine god damn!
Baby, you my kind of man!

I'll take you and you and you and you
Back to my place, this is what we'll do
(Ahh, shake that body that ass, I like your body, yeah)
Plus you and you and you and you
Back to my place, this is what we'll do
(Ahh, like your body, dont you think i'm sexy?)

I see you walk past my place every day
(Hmmm, actually I'm very lost)
No you're not
You want to come inside and watch TV with me?
Plus you want my signed CD for free?
(I want to come inside and watch TV with you)
(Plus I want that free CD too)
(Oh Tanga the bull winder, this is you on the cover!)
(I also like Manga)
Say you love me
(Yeah, Tanga)
You want to watch Desert Thunder or Anaconda?
Hmm, let's maybe pump some Jane Fonda
Shut up, don't talk back
Now you mesmerized, time to exercise, come on flex those thighs


(Coss yeah coss, ahh ahh ahh!) x2
Well theres music in the air
Lots of lovin' everywhere
So gimme the mic, uh
Can you feel it too
The stars are out, I can see the moon
Our eyes connect, as the speakers boom
Moon walk cross the dance floor, keep it smooth
Pop up out the blue like peek-a-boo
Excuse me, can I speak to you? (Excuse me?)
This is just me or do,
you, feel like you dreaming too?
Never smoke, looks alike cleaning thru
Bust a smooth move like give me some room
Now its just me and you
look up and down like I cant believe the view
And i'm thinking about the crazy things we can do
Got some freaky moves
Can I see your boobs?
Hip-hop, uh definitely