Angel claw

Max: Are you ready? Are you sure? Okay....

[Verse 1 - Max]
Here we go
I-I can't even believe it
Jesus, what a heavy flow
If it's that time of the month then b-b-baby, let me know
And I'll tippee-toe, yippee-yippee yo
MaxNormal TV, no one can delete me

What's wrong?
Ladies and gentleman, we came here to have a nice time
Blippin' and rippin',
We flip and hit 'em with the hot song
Like a vibe's strong when the mic's on

Throw your hands up
Do not come with any rude attitude, dude, cause that sucks
Cool, calm, collected, but fuck around
and catch a poes klap[bitch slap]
[Yolandi] Everybody say sorry **

Crazy, contagious, courageous
Yo, my name is Max-E
Disposable, fully posable
Baby, I'm a pop star
Flexin' and special effects-in
Follow me

I can't help but feel things
I never felt before
You are all out there believing
If I was involved
You don't have to feel so
(?) out of breath
A little angel
Caught in myself (?)

[Verse 2 - Duppie]
Hey sexy,
I'm broke as a joke
Baby, let's go halfies on a (?)
I'm pushin' the roof
And go two for two
The bass is nasty

Yo, we put the boom in the room
Don Max-E, blow the fuckin' roof off your taxi
Can't see me, dik getinte vensters [thick tinted windows]
Fuck a gangsta,
Protect the innocent,
Only do it for the mense [people]
Flippin' hilarious, kak [shit] serious

Neon Don
Lockin' and poppin', rockin' and shockin'
With the bomb-bomb
(?) we write about them,
We outtie, it's the last song
[Max] And you stuck it out to the end
[Max] MNTV hit you with the big old ten out of ten

Baie dankie[Thanks alot]
Now we down like dik tjommies[thick friend] (?), getting fucky
Lights, camera, action
With Max and Yolandi
[Yolandi] Pull up your pants
[Yolandi] I can see your undies


Everywhere we go (everywhere we go)
People wanna know (people wanna know)
Who we are (who we are)
So we tell them (so we tell them)

MaxNormal TV (MaxNormal TV)
Selling CD's and DVD's (selling CD's and DVD's)
Now you know who we be (now you know who we be)
Yo, later, take it easy (yo, later, take it easy)


[Yolandi] Bye bye :)