Nenzani Nina

Nenzani Nina (Prod. by Masta Mind SA)

Masta Mind SA

Dirty or Clean EP (2016)

Nenzani Nina?
Masta Mind SA

Verse 1: Yep, I let my soul bleed – Ao!!!
Give golden mic so I can spit right now
With Ruffneck train am gone hit y’all
Am blowing up the roof son – Mr Tally Tall
I do what I do but ya don’t get me
It is what it is homeboy don’t test me
If music don’t work ain’t selling my soul
I make another two and I’ll smoke those song
Its 10 years now and am still in the game
I ben10 ya when my money just rain
Too much sweat and am stil in the race
My feet ain’t weary
I need a cream for my cheery
My flow is so very…….
I got skills of writers, homeboy am Taylor Perry

Verse 2: I live my life to the fullest
Masta Mind, am the one and ya know this
From the street I’ve graduated
Pain is the price through it all I just managed
Now am getting paid-up
Classics I just lace them like fresh kicks, watch close how I lace em
This is King Kong swag boy – it’s a mega year
So I stamp the yard – Now ya stepping feet’s with smiley faces, am rocking on happy feet’s
Ya rise and fall like shooting stars
Now I came-up big son am rocking mics
Started all like a pipe dream, now am living right
Am back to my field, Yeah, am keeping it tight
Am the number one rapper here in the whole town
If it’s a war – it’s a war and am winning son
Big Show punch boy, that’s a knock-out.