Dead President (Freestyle)


I’mma let Madiba do the talking - use a Cannon for the drama
Cos I'm all about the flashing if you're bragging 'bout a dolla
Bullet holes in your fashion, making Yeezy out of Prada
You would think I'm with the Arabs how I'm walking with the Llama.
Who's hotter? I'm always blind to the statement
Real talk, I'm never down with the fake shit
Trill nigga up North - back to the basics
Now I'm seeing numbers, Neo's back in the Matrix
I need block money, that big flip money
That fuck a bitch with ass and big tits money
That fuck a chain, I'm icing the whole wrist money
Call a Niger boy so you can get like 40 brick money
It's K-Tasso with the mic and base
Watch looking like SpongeBob, I should ice the face
Dirty Glock, for the grib we use masking tape
And we give a nigga a cap if he can't Re-l8


Uh, a penny for my thoughts been caught up in making change
Been thinking about money for so the concept is strange,
Like when you write a word so long often makes no sense
But we know word is word and word right now word is money baby,
Now call me crazy but I've been having this dream
It's just me chilling on campus looking like a standard scenes
Bet the only thing that means amends to the end is E
Ecstasy, yes I see the feelings have been caught
So we drugged up all the way to the top and worrying not
About how we going to get paid and whether the money has been made
Long as the music has been played then fvck whatever has been said
But back to alive they-rushed to an aid
The-kid who just hung himself trying not to get saved
How did this happen ?
I was just only rapping,
But ended up wrapped up in a need of action
I lost the passion of Christ when he was left there hanging
Fvcken right Joe and I stand omertà
The black smoke coming from the money we burnt
Ignoring the lessons the freedom fighters learnt
Even though a lot are rich a lot of us weren't
So these dead pres represent me
These dead pres represent me
These dead pres represent me
I need a lot of prayers going directed at me, yeah


I'm out for Presidents to represent me
I'm out for Presidents to represent me
I'm out for Presidents to represent me
I'm out for Dead Presidents to represent me

I'm out for Presidents to represent me
I'm out for Presidents to represent me
I'm out for Presidents to represent me
I'm out for Dead Presidents to represent me

[Vee Mason:]

Yeah yeah yeah-haa
Uh, verse two wasn't on the agenda
But thirty two to three fifty in silence critics remember
Hello September, they thought I fell off
But I was plotting on an EP while they were writing CV's
Swear I'm writing CD's the way I'm burning these beats
Cooling like I'm Swizz Beats
Grinding till my knees weak
Pause, and I was talking about the hustle
But the flow is heavyweight and that's more brain then muscle
More change then hustle,
Welcome to real life kid, I'm trying to change the game like Mich did
Jordan, Jackson or even Tyson
Entice them with the music that I'm writing
So, I'm after presidents to represent me
Madiba faces, see my face I guess he represents me
The life we live is nothing like the shit you see on TV,
Chasing money while I follow my dream


Well, I'm on the chess board giving them a piece of me
This ain't no x-rated movie but I'm playing the pawn star
Making chess moves as if I was the motherfvcken rookie
Cause I'm out to kill the king call that shit check mating
Note that its evident we had to save the best for last
Cause this is a scary verse for whenever we camping
And trying to keep yourself together but I can see you breaking
So I'm going to cut you some slack and that slice is for the taking
I'm a human on earth but a star in the making
I'm so head of my time and its even got me thinking
I got a grip on this game just to show you how I handle it
Now I'm so shore of myself there ain't even no time for sinking
With a couple pound cakes my team be baking
And if we talking money then that's the shit we stacking
We so multi-talented there's noting we be lacking
If success is for the bagging then that's the shit we packing

I guess now it's all shots on me just like JFK
Cause at this moment I'm also all about taking niggas down like the Triple K