1123 Freestyle

I pull up in your city like a bad man
Fuck a bad man
Ng'pheth' umtwana wase London, wase London
Bathi uvukile umalamban' ntwana 'khamban'
Ngek' untyele ngabosban'-ban' bangenamali
Beng'ziba, tryna build a name beng'phika
Tryna get inside the game, beng'vimba
Crop spray 'em beng'fipha
Now they scream my name meng'fika
And bitches tryna claim the same nigga
Menacing, manequin Skywalker Darth Vader
Ngifun impan yesono by the acre
Red for my soul I think I'mma need a baker
Always on purple, I'm a laker
I got these chickens in the coupe
Bitch I'm Old McDonald
I psit game that can make an old flame swallow
See the whole game hollow
I'm a style they borrow
Bad to the bone, rotten at the marrow

Call me chief of the bando
I string them along like a celo
I get in, lil kitty leave a memo
She call me Buga Love, no Kabelo
See y'all bitch niggas got lip, need Labelo
You messing with the wrong fucking fellow
You lucky 'cause Oskido taught me how to keep it mellow
I met a Kong angle, and her thong is the halo
Yim inkunzi malnaga uzosukum' mang'ngena
Money talks, siyakhuluma my girl
Ezam izinja zikulum' emqalen'
Awung'zwise, ngither ngiyingulube esakeni
If you want it I can bring it to your doorman
I'm known to leave a hater on the floor flat
All this money ain't a thang lil man
I kill a nigga for a dime, take his dame, bang bang

Tell these rappers I'm back o tour, bad news
I keep it one hundred, my chick is the square root
See money talks, and cash rules
That's why your mami 'bout to let me bust a cashew
Mina ngiyi zim zim, ngizoyidl' ingane yesonto
I been king namuhla naphezolo
Make you broke, baby mama give me cheques
I just tell her tim tim gobis' imali yeqolo