Mapaputsi's name, derived from the Italian word for shoes and comprising Zulu elements, says a lot about him. "I don't want to be one of those artists who makes it then ignores up-and-coming artists. I see myself as opening the doors for them."
Mapaputsi is a kwaito pioneer and continues to be a true innovator.
Mapaputsi was born in Zola (a neighborhood in Soweto). He started his professional musical career in 1998 working with artists like TKZee, Chiskop, Sbu a.k.a. Maloya and Mischief & Mavusana. Then in 2001, YFM DJ Khabzela sparked Mapaputsi's interest in recording. At this stage, people were hearing his distinct vocals on the Mischief and Mavusana track, "Ngyazwa".
Mapaputsi than met with top-notch producer D-Rex and together with Khabzela recorded the project and produced Izinja, an album that is indicative of the lives of South African youth.
The album helped Mapaputsi win Best Kwaito Artist and Best Kwaito Song at the Metro FM Awards in 2002. He also won the best music video for the 9th Annual SAMA's (South African Music Awards).
Mapaputsi's new album titled Kleva sees Kwaito taken to another level and promises to be a smash hit.
— Courtesy Calabash Music