The Best of Mango Groove

The album contains a comprehensive collection of Mango Groove's songs, offering a melodic and rythmic glimpse of the richness of South Africa's music heritage -- blending pop, dance, kwela, jazz and other genres of the country's rich music heritage. It is a celebration of the transition from old to new South Africa and an introduction for the uninitiated to great South African themes and rythms. Well-produced and presented by a talented team of multi-ethnic artists, Mango Groove's "best-of" album is a great buy.


# Title Length
1 Special Star 5:51
2 Dance Sum More 3:16
3 Hellfire 4:01
7 Another Country 4:14
10 Island Boy 4:47
11 Hometalk 4:12
16 Moments Away 5:20
18 Tom Hark 3:10