Newly signed to one of the most auspicious labels in the world, Universal Music, electro-folk artist Majozi has just dropped is 12-track debut ‘Fire’ in the wake of his hit single “Darling”. With South Africa – and indeed the world – having developed a renewed partiality to the genre over the last few years, Majozi has slid easily into the slipstream and has swiftly made a local name for himself. Seeing him open for The Lumineers as well as accompanying Francois van Coke and Die Heuwels Fantasties to Amsterdam earlier this year.

There is a vague element which rings rather true of Matthew Mole’s sound in the chiming folk-inflected love songs which largely make up the project. However, the Durban-hailing musician maintains just enough individuality to be placed in a parallel category from where his distinctive tones slip into the niche he has created for himself...

...There is an unfortunate, highly Americanised constituent to the album as a whole, largely due to the accent adopted throughout the majority of the songs. The album takes a striking turn, however, as the opening bars of “The Woods” play homage to Majozi’s South African accent, which is refreshingly prevalent for the better half of the track. Following closely in its footsteps is “Mzali Wami”, featuring Bafikile and Solo, which opens on the jangling sound of the umuduri – a traditional African instrument consisting of a wooden bow with a gourd attached to the lower end, whose string is then played with a textured stick. This coupled with Bafikile’s Zulu vocals contribute the proudly South African inflections we have been waiting for throughout the entire project, serving as a delightfully multi-faceted morsel to bring the album to a close.


# Title Length
1 The Lighthouse 3:27
2 Fire 3:22
5 Darling 3:44
6 Breathing 3:09
7 The Greatest Love 3:51