Kingdoms Will Fall

They say rap is my fate ‘til the angels come
‘til I pass the gate where the angels sung
My calling, so I grind put my all in
Mom’s home but in the game stood as an orphan
Against all odds I braced the storm
Stood close to the fire ‘til my face was warm
But not too close to burn, but too close to learn
Stood tall where most of you squirm
So this post I earned dude deserve it
Coz I move with purpose truer service
Even though few where cursing who can birth this
Like I do, who can work this like my crew
Still nobody in sight
To compete with the beast who embodied the mic right
My posse hype, we no hobby types
We want money right ‘til your honey like

Kingdoms will rise kingdoms will fall
But I will survive through it all
Kill my heart … kill my heart
Kill my heart … kill my heart

I push on, I pedal ahead
Through the bull through the obstacles battles ahead
Was made to succeed while the settle instead
Look a thorough bread ‘til dough for bread
So I push through the hating
Push through the misquotes ‘til they call me Varbayton
Push through my singles ‘til they know me in stations
You been rapping for years show me amazing
Look homie we waiting
It’s been too long, half of your fans moved on
They thought I was dead I resurrected as a new born
New dawn, can’t touch what my crew’s on
We cruise on no clutch ‘til the fuel’s gone
We gon ride ‘til the rims fall off
And pray to my God ‘til my sins was off
I don’t do it for self my king’s involved
And I can’t stop even though to win’s hard
And to win these broads, will take more than smooth talk
They wanna see the car, crib and the jewels talk
While you moon walk they wanna walk on moons
So they can see the stars closer and awkward views
Funny when my bars rose up they called on Q
Now they wanna board on too, the gravy train
But never gave a fuck when I was under heavy rain
Couldn’t get my sentences like a baby brain
Try to have me slain, all coz of loose pigeons
Who never pray to God but praise true religion
How you gon’ wife that
Who you kidding playa get your life back
Over true women