Feel Good

Lira has finally found her comfort zone and as a result her sophomore album Feel Good shines. There are no vocal gymnastics and no synthesised sound. Just her sweet, clear vocals over jazzy, soulful music, Ah… pure pleasure. The up-tempo, soul-infused “Feel Good”, smooth jazzy hit “Ixesha”, acoustic “Dumisa” on which Lira plays the guitar, goose-bump inducing “Yeah, yeah, yeah” and afro-jazzy “Change the World”.

What makes Lira’s album encouraging is not only the massive improvement, but the way she's taken music that could just be more "Afro-Jazz" and used it to develop a sound that has a bit of her own signature, and therefore sounds fresh.

Maybe the move from Arthur’s 999 stable was just what she needed in order to truly find her musical comfort zone - somewhere where you can feel connected to her, and she to you. However the feeling's not perfect. You still get the sense that Lira's holding something back. Who is she saving it for?

Lira had a lot of control on this album, composing or co-composing 13 of the 14 tracks. On most of the tracks she partnered with talented yet relatively unknown musicians Victor Mngomezulu and Tshepo Sekeleto to write the songs.

Production by Robin Kohl of Jazzworx gives the album a professional clean feel, making Lira ready for the international market. Now the rest of the world can feel good too.


# Title Length
1 Feel Good 5:20
2 Ixesha 5:06
3 Typical 5:41
4 Dance of Life 5:23
5 Ngizayifela 4:39
6 Crush 3:51
8 Ngiyabonga 3:14
9 Iris 4:29
10 Dumisa 3:37