Don't (Prod. by Leonel Augustine)

Leonel Plaatie Augustine

My singles (2019)


Don't don't play with me
don't be dishonest me ey
you know i can tell when you lyin' ey

i'm not blind but i'm clever

i want you to be all mine
don't you ever lemme down

i wanna give you all my heart
babe its now or never
somebody gotta step up
girl i'm that somebody so i'm next up

i'll b damned if you can't step up
its easy to see that you're away now

i can be a hoe babe i know that
girl, you can fuck me over cause i made you
fuck you girl i wish never met you forever
gir,i told you i'm here whenever

so i'll do all i can cause you're special
but how i can , if you still messing things up

lately you saying that i must decide
whether you're mine

so i pulled up there
i'm on the ride

i left all i'm pride behind
don't ask me why

shawty i'm here now i know you been missing
looking at your eyes i feel like you'll be tripping
but i pray to god you don't


girl, why you keep on playin' games
our love ain't the same
i don't know what to say but
what a shame if you were me
you was gonn'be in pain

watching you changing and things getting faded
shawty can you stop now i don't want no pain yeah
can you be the same shawty i wanna feel safe yeah
oh oh babe

can you see now that i feel manupulated
you the only reason i'm feeling this way
you gotta make sure that you change all your ways
you can look me in the eyes but you can't feel my pain
oh oh babe


you got me feeling so lonely
you got me feeling so boring
you got me feeling so small
maybe i'm not enough so
you got me feeling so lonely
you got me feeling so boring