Yeah… ah… I mean … is what I do
Yeah L-Tido… Blackstorm
We did it again… gotta be the best out right now
Yeah top 5 in Africa believe that…

You know is fire when the dude lace a track
Got my dough straight I’m low cake if you hate on that
Love for no sneaks I show hate screw face and that
Coz I’m so great the ho’s rate the new face of rap
I’m the new epiphany game my crew shit is insane
We hold mics and flow like the blue shit in your vein
And dude stick in your dame now move quick in the lane
I’m so bright the ho’s like the huge glitz on my chain
The proof spitting the same my dudes switching the game
We blowing up like Osama crew enter the plane
Homie you aint nothing but a fraud and a coward
You dudes is washed up like you record in a shower

You can ask about me everywhere you go
Yeah I’m getting mines your boy is on the roll
Got the game on lock you can ask your ho
Man she’ll let you know
That your boy got the shit on smash
Yeah the shit on smash
I aint chasing these ho’s man I’m all about my cash
Got the shit on smash yeah the shit on smash
And I’ll probably die young coz I’m living life fast

Picture make hits every day I got a new hot rap
And my pockets is getting swoll’ got a few bucks stacked
Best new comer in Africa the dude got that
That’s without an album out tell me who top that
I’m going in they don’t want it with me bitch
Dope lines never run out like a paraplegic
Certified streets hits my crew is hella vicious
Talk slick we get ugly like Estelle’s pictures
Don’t trust these niggaz coz most of them are snakes son
I rather have 5 friends than 50 fake ones
You dudes laughed when me and my crew ate crumbs
Now you wanna be homies when you see the cake come
You cats is straight bums talking that you blaze guns
But your gats never bangs like them dudes that date nuns
Can’t tell me about chicks I done it all
Yeah I’ve been in more holes that a golf ball


These lames can’t stop me they thought I’ll be done
Damn I shattered their dreams… Christina Milian
Yeah I’m at the top and I just begun
So if Tido can’t do it then it can’t be done
I gets it in so I rip and eat ‘em all
The boy is a monster no Charlize Theron
Get in my way then you getting slain faggot
The flow crazy I should rhyme in a strait jacket
They download my songs on the MP3’s
Press copy and burn them like STD’s
These dudes envy me coz I’m the best hands down
Got it on smash they don’t really stand a chance now