Girls… thank you L-Tido
It’s Teepee

[Chorus: Teepee]
I’m calling all the girls, from around the world
Can you hear me calling, I’m calling
I’m calling

Calling all the girls that always catch my eye
When I see ‘em passing by
In the malls, in the streets, ones that stay fresh and fly
Man I got testify, love ladies that’s classified
Talking about a real woman not these chicks that stress a guy
Calling all the girls from every hood and ‘burbs
Girls that got the goods with curves
Can’t forget the model types that look superb
Don’t matter the town or block
As long as the chick is down and hot
I mo’ give her the pleasure around the clock
Get her wet and pound her spot
Calling all the girls whether thick or slim
Black or white or mystic skin
Chicks that stand behind a man through thick and thin
Not these ones that’s shallow homes
Like them smart and hell o’ grown
Yeah I love ‘em all from the brownies to the yellow bones


I’m calling all the girls from north and south
Girls that get me all aroused
Talking about a girl I can trust or even call my spouse
Can’t forget the east and west
Them girls get me pleased the best
Rewind me and release some stress
Till the boy is free and fresh
Calling all the girls that pay their own bills
Girls that give me bone chills
I mean the dime that can cook up the whole meal
Love an educated chick that get infatuated quick
Not the ones that’s arrogant with egos that’s inflated kid
Calling all the girls from every zip code
Girls that freaking kiss slow
Making that body flip like a schizo
Love them independent B, not girls that depend on me
I’m talking about girls that fulfil all my fantasies


All my girls around the world making sure they look fly
Don’t look any further baby coz Teepee is your guy
Wanna make smile baby like you haven’t in a while
I wanna make my girl happy
Now if you feel like rolling with me let me see your hands high
Raise ‘em up just wave them side to side
Wanna show you baby the time of your life
Coz I’m your guy… yeah you you you you
I’m calling you

[Chorus x2]

Yeah it’s L-Tido, Teepee I see you baby
Aha…calling all the girls
Yeah … clap… clap
We out