Soweto-born emcee Ntokozo “K.O.” Mdluli has been swinging a sceptre over the local rap game since his early days as part of the groundbreaking hip-hop trio Teargas. Not only has he forged a commercially successful solo career since, but also one that has given birth to cutting-edge production, dope collaborations and genre-shifting new ideas (game changer “Caracara” is a great example). Skhanda Republic 2 finds the Cashtime Life mogul projecting socially conscious bars against a swish urban canvas, while collabs with the likes of Runtown and Black Coffee further seal the deal.


# Title Length
2 Ms2 4:50
3 Call Me 4:44
4 Swagganova 4:00
6 Legacy 3:30
8 7even Up 4:24
9 The Warning 4:46
10 SA Rising 4:00
11 No Feelings 3:59
12 Pretty Young Thing 3:32