Thats Me

Thats Me (Prod. by Kay Future)

KAY FUTURE ft & Swizzy Danroe

YGLI(You Gotta Love It) (2019)


That's Me

Swizzy Danroe
(Chorus ]

That's me

I don't please for love
I don't roll and Pass
I jus smoke and laugh...that's Me

I don't trust them neghas

Many things do change
Enemies turn Me

That's me

I don't Trap and pass
I got hooks and tracks
I gon fish the deals
Right now I need a co-sign Me

Au'thiyam bo u'thini ? bath'i ba khipha Ama hit ...Nkos'yami bleksem
Abayazi Kuthi baya Ketsha

Yini M'hlabe baya keza
Ngale namba ngayi Khensa

Trust me

Au'thiyam okase nkhone

This Days this Snakes negha never talk no
This Days this Snakes negha never react no

No love jus a fling boy
They hearts got a mask on

They are two time two faced Yha

My circle small now
Nearly bumped to myself negha
Like a negha in a conner store
I switch a doobie i don't switch side

In my zone I'm a pirate...that's Me
No fake in my zone ...Trust Me
Jus drank and smoke....

Ain't no negha yhea Faze me

Au'thiyam okase nkhone no lie....yhaaa