iN THE JUNGLE (Prod. by Kay Future)

KAY FUTURE ft & Swizzy Danroe

YGLI(You Gotta Love It) (2019)


In the jungle

(Swizzy Danroe)

This can't be life
This can't nice
This can't be right
This can't be it ...lord
mama cried Lotta tears even had some
pain down on my chest that was beating me
Being living this life on my knees I don't really understand why I have to

Why i feel like I'm soaked in bleach
I'm down indeed

No love in the jungle all you get issa fucken hate

No friends buh foes

I don't write for hype I jus write to kill

Some neghas relating with the stories I wrote this days I know
No friends buh foes

I jus do it for the ntwana ohh yhea and the Gang Gang

No love in the jungle all you get issa fucken hate
All you get is a fucken hate


I am back
and I'm doing the most
i left down my confusion
just to do right by myself
It aint easy I tell
This life I'm living hell
They spilled the paint in the jungle niggas are showing their colours
They switching hommie I'm watching them slowly rotting to sour
Is the rumble in the jungle and I'm waiting to come up
The hating when you doing something nice they are waiting cut YAH
The enemy of my enermy man I call him a friend
You talking smack about me homeboy you are fried
I double dare you my nigga to try and take me down
Not the strongest in this jungle but the smartest around
I care less bout fake love I'm redisigning my heart
electrifying my mind machenically im wild
minimizing my circles
mismerising the pressure
the time i have is not too much
the jungle is filled with fake love