Future Choices Past

I'm writing this for those who thought they lost me
Those who thought my past choices crusade them
Accumulate my good and services
Don't wanna be good I just want the inverse
I thought I was doing this for the best
While the rest is busy batting them birds
My intuition about this thing is getting clearer
Most of yah niggas thought you were playing me like chello
But unfortunately your things didn't work out as you planned em
You thought you would be jerkin with me like you did with trappers
Man that thing ain't gon' happen
I mean it like its from heaven
Man its serious as god
And I don't need your amen
And I don't need no favours
I'm just pushing my own lane
Don't be thinking you'll be comin' right here to change the matrix
Its the 21st century right now
I've been doing this thing for a while now
Don't be thinking I'll be living this game as I proved write now that I deserve the crown yeah

I think my past is calling me right now
I think my future is hauling me right now. X2
I don't know what to do right here right now
All the choices I've been taking thy are so wrong


All the choices I've been taking thy are so wrong
If you saying yolo is not the moto then you are so wrong
KIDIODIC FUTURE back up in this thing actin so raw
If you don't know what I'm talking bout then you are so lost
I didn't write just to make you dance I wrote this just to show all the options that I have
I'm on that suicide watch I'm half past alive
Even though when I'm dying through time you will never watch your watch
After that you'll be coming round here actin as you are my friend
I'm the undertaker I always bury my competition
But this time my competition killed me without a reason
And I'm gon' live my life my entire life wheather its a blessing or a curse
And its a given