To the top

I'm on my way to the top I wanna fly high,so I can chill with the stars don't wanna die young
I'm just crawling on my way to the to . ]x2
Ain't no runnin' on my way to the top

I'm on my way to the top(I'm on my way)
I know most of u don't feel me but right now I'm in pain
Yah niggers ain't got faith in me d'sway u pushing me away
I'm all eyes writing dope lines
While u online hitting blue likes
Uh',is the KIDIODIC FUTURE on the runway
I'll never run away from a problem
Real ones outta hustling solving problems
While u outta marking calendars for ur being drunk day
Uh',same dips niggers lookin for it
Thy call it money the root to evil with no stern on it
I'd rather live my life miserable than hunting it homie
But all I know I'd that I'm aiming at the top my nigger


WHEN THY ask me where you goin said I'm going to the top
and all that hate that I'm carrying said thy say its gon bring a war
And all this niggers tryna kick me down thy can't knock me out
but I could care less bout this niggers tryna prove I'm a clown
On my way to the top niggers thy acting like something thy not(something thy not?
I'm just tryna go hard but I don't get enough love just to do that(just to do that)
I'm just thanking Bros for the wake up
I just told Ms Future we could break up
Cause now I'm acting like a hard but
Say the truth hurts from the inside
Damn,I told em I'm coming and I'm on my way{x2}
U don't think I got what it takes to be here{x2}
Now I wanna kill the game with my verse {x2}
The KIDIODIC FUTURE's life is a mess(is a mess)
Man I messed up all the thing I do thy wanna do too
Thy can't even see that the boundary is huge I can't let em outta my side coz thy are fools
Thyll be goin round town messing up things
I'll be tellin em niggers I can reach
When all thy wanna be seen as rich niggers from the bloody East