Careful now more than ever
I brush my shoulders off
As I'm playing down all the pressure
Daddy came through and placed the bible right on my dresser
I'm searching for words to tell my idol I'm his successor
Would've made it a factor
They lining up the features
Peep the flyers I'm on the line up
That's the stuff for features
Buzz fever pitching probably catch it from the beaches
For bodies on top of bodies
Fuck a homicide, that's human trafficking or treason
Case, I been drowning in beer
Woke up with a name and address
Woke up with my baby wrappers like... eish
I got it from here
It's a whole nother equation ever since you became a factor
I'm a favourite rapper, favourite rapper
New braid who's your favourite rapper
Made your record label latter. Okay.
Go ahead, name a rapper, can't none of them faze me
This talking to myself might drive a man crazy
Only me and the man in the mirror go toe to toe
I said I'mma do it I did it
I came back matter of minutes
I'm in front of the mirror like I told You So
This that one man band, guess who stole the show
See nowadays I could pull a bullet outta the side
Wait, all they ever do was try to advice
Applying my next play with all the doe and all of these props
See y'all on the highway to hell
If I'm pulling out all of the stops
Ngiyathesha ngiyaphanda, ngiyenz umathanda
Can't help but endorse
I'm throwing my weight on set said some foul shit
Executive lounging with the people that I look up to
Dissecting the pine trips
I usually dumb it down to get a loaf of bread
But today, business as usual
I'm going over heads
I started out as a poor with finnesse in the ninth grade
Spitting fire flames
Lento k'dala ngiyigeleza
Grand grand ang'nayo indaba
Bitch ska itlama
Awufun uk'bona ipunchline li shintsh' liba impama
Inja engabamb' unshini uzongizwa ma ngiblaster
Thinking how I was so feisty as a young blood
When certain things would entice me, knew it would be pricey
Still I'm squeaky clean, I maneuver through it tight speeds
They had me cornered, left the nigga no option
But to wear my letter on the chest
That's a moving target
Pushing envelopes my back against the ropes
Know every time my knees hit the floor
I pray to God they can't box in
Working through the winter just so it could be a long Spring
And Summer hot nana got a keep her frost-bit
Compared to 3QP TDK unlocking full spring
Cashtime betted on me that was money well spent
Down the line We missed the beat and a couple dance steps
On my way out it's only right a nigga say thanks
Got it from here